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AJ Suede has returned again. After being locked in front of a computer for 2 years, the FreeMINDS Collective has emerged victorious…once again. With 6 insane music videos leading to this moment, we are proud to present “Gold and Fire”. The age old story of greed and it’s consequences. The 2nd of the “Golden Element Quadrilogy” and the sequel to “Gold and Water”. The previous story told of a struggle between what you want and what you need, this story teaches that every greedy action has an equal reaction.

He’s called upon Swag Toof, ISSUE, Andre Martel, Supa Sortahuman, Jared Martin, Gerdie the Goddess, Teck, Joey Shinobi and Gxld Slvgs (In order of appearance) to tell this story. Every track is produced by AJ Suede. Tracks 4 and 5 include co production from Bugz Ronin. The bulk of the project was recorded and mixed at Lower Level Studios by Raw Qwality.

Enjoy the Lecture

Artwork by Joe Capon